Meet Richard Neely

Richard Neely is both former chief justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court and a former Army artillery captain awarded the Bronze Star in Vietnam. Richard left the Supreme Court in 1995 after 22 years to practice law. Richard is running again because the Court is in shambles and needs his experience to get back on the right track. If elected, Richard will look out for the needs of working-class people, safeguard women’s rights and protect vulnerable children and families.  

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The Platform

West Virginia Supreme Court

The West Virginia Supreme Court is badly broken from years of corruption and self- dealing.  Recently the W.Va. Supreme Court has put big business and insurance companies ahead of hard-working families.  When big business knows it can run over regular people with impunity our justice system needs an immediate fix. Richard Neely has a proven track record of speaking loudly for those with soft voices.  Electing Richard means the long backlog of cases that directly benefit big business will be fixed so people like you and your family can get the justice you deserve without waiting for years.                  

Tried and True Experience

Richard has been a lawyer since 1969 when he graduated from Yale Law School. Most recently, as a partner at Neely & Callaghan, Richard has litigated cases for injured miners, protected neighborhoods from rogue coal company truckers destroying the roads and brought actions against irresponsible polluters. Immediately after the Army, Richard served in the W.Va. House of Delegates as a member from Marion County. Therefore, Richard has distinguished legislative, judicial and law practice experience spanning four decades which means that he can restore respect to the Supreme Court.

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